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When I say, I’m keeping it short & sweet…trust me, ok? Anyhoo, for those of you still expressing via ths short story? Try sending a gem out to Warren Adler’s 6th Annual Short Story Contest. The contest runs from Oct-January so there’s plenty of time to get your masterpiece out to the masses. One of the highlights of winning will be publication on Kindle and Amazon.

Local Chicago Author, Theresa Banks recently debuted on & for which I failed to announce earlier (sorry Theresa) but, you still can catch her radio chat at

My “Authentic Woman’s” Blog Story (posted Nov 17th) can be read here :

For you Chicago readers, pick up a copy of The Independent Bulletin Newspaper today to read my review of HOPSCOTCH: On Bloodstained Sidewalks, a book by local Author, Kenneth Marshall. I’m proud that the review has gotten much praise & attention for this gripping tale of life in Urban Communities…Will post review here soon.

Finally, my friend Molly has been holding out! Not only does she have a publisher for her first book, she recently sent me a slice of musical work compilation focusing on AIDS Awareness! It’s an awesome piece and I’ve been given permission to post it for you guys very soon.

 What I tell ya?  Short and sweet…Brevity has its place! 


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