The ABC’s Of Public Relations

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If you’ve ever watched “Spin Crowd” on the E-channel, you’ve probably come away thinking how lucky those young people are. How expensive and expansive that dang office is, and how in the world did they get to live out their passions at such young ages? Okay, I came away from watching the show asking those questions!

Writers are naturally curious beings. We want to know the ins and outs of events leading up to how someone got “made”. The premise of Spin Crowd centers around the lifestyles of young publicists, living and working in the world of Celebrity. The group consists of 20-somethings working for a public relations firm owned by a 30 something (maybe 30ish) hotshot publicist whose love of self and all things “celebrity” is evident. This guy got the Hollywood hookup in the world of PR

The show is co-produced by Kim Kardashian . The focus is on how these people get exposure for their clients. Much like writers and bloggers, publicists use their communities and networking skills to get the product (the celebrity/functions) to the photographers, celeb magazines and television viewers…All that ensures profit for their public relations agency and what a profit making mogul company it is…

Watching this show from a purely writer’s perspective, I’ve learned a few techniques applicable to growing a freelance writing career: Getting the interview or assignment. Promoting your business brand. Gaining long term clients and keeping your business a step above the competition.

I suppose the show isn’t called “Spin Crowd” for nothing! AND they’re so young AND so rich! I wonder if they’re really a happy group of ” rich”?

Okay writers out there, fess up. What television show gave you food to chew on and digest with writer’s envy!  Hmm?


4 thoughts on “The ABC’s Of Public Relations”

  1. That’s a good question! And one I need to think about. I know I often consider the plot for a movie, pondering how it compares to the book (if there is one and I’ve read it). I pick apart the characters and transitions and all sorts of things. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. Hi Karen, of course the envy part was meant to be humor because there should never be envy amongst creatives! That doesn’t mean we can’t pick their brains:)

    Have a grand weekend…


    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for visiting clara54 and so glad you liked your stay:) I will definitely make it a point to stop by to read your international perspectives!

      peace & blessing,


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