Why I Write…

Why I write
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If you’re writing now, you most likely have a clear insight into why you spend so much time spewing words. I started the morning with my favorite cup of java contemplating the issue. Then, I thought, why not get the 411 from other writers as well? Consider this an open forum and creative roundtable for your insights, opinion and purpose on” Why I write.?” I ask you to dig deep and contribute your personal take on the writing bug and why you cannot; Not write. Responses are sure to vary when it comes to defining the phenomnea of our world, which can only makes this writer speak so much more interesting…

“I write because I want to inform, inspire and become a voice for the “underdog”.  I write because I cannot imagine NOT writing and I write because I want to make boatloads of cash!” Those are good reasons to write, of course, but those reasons sounds a little too commonplace and a bit superficial. (my opinion)  Let’s expose our writing souls here people! I (clara54) write because:

I remember when I was in 3rd or 4 grade and the teacher had the class stand up to read passages from the book we were most likely given to read for homework assignment. I couldn’t wait to be called upon to read! Why? It seemed to me when I read to the class, they became a captive audience! I couldn’t quite understand it at the time, but, it appeared my voice became the book’s character, which captivated the children.

Fast forward to those teen years when girl meets boy & boy needs a wakeup call from my stalker friends. I began writing secret love letters for my girlsfriends to the particular boy in question. I wrote the letters for my lovelorn friends, but they were my heartfelt and oftentimes steamy words! When asked to write a column for my high school senior newsletter, I did so with gusto and alas, hurt a lot of feelings. It was during my senior year writing for that paper when I learned the power of the written word! Words are like bullets. Be careful how you use them!

Have you ever watched a movie, or read a book and knew its outcome? Changed a protagonist’s ending and rewritten the scenes for a victim’s revenge before arriving to the final curtain call to some other person great works? Have there ever been a time when your brain wasn’t on creative autopilot? I know that I’m a writer. I know it is an extension of who I am. It’s still somewhat uncomfortable to verbalize that I’m a writer in some circles, in essence to avoid appearing  the egotist. So, I remain in the background of this writing life thing that is my passion and purpose.

Someday, I’d like to write the great American Novel. It matters very little to me the accolades of writing. I “Do Me” and when my writing finds favor out there in that great divide called ” World”? It’s all good:)  

Okay, so you’ve gotten it out of me (a bit) and I’m opening the doors for all of you out there, to tell all of us, right here  “Why I Write.”


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