Dancing With The Stars And MOESHA!

Brandy Norwood performing in a concert in July...
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For the first time in a long time, I’ve been tuning in to DWTS and I’m surprised to find myself watching the show on the regular this season. I think it’s because of Brandy Norwood, formerly of Moesha sitcom and yes, that cute & cuddly Kyle ( who fanthoms himself a macho man!) from those Raven Simone‘ s That’s So Raven & Disney channel. There’s also Jennifer Grey (50 something representing) and Rick Fox “too tall” drink of water and oh, well, it’s Maksim too. This season the race is tied between Brandy and Jennifer with 67 points. Their performance of Tuesday night’s Fox Trot  (Brandy) and Tango(Jennifer) were nearly equally yoked. I think Brandy got better scores. I’m glad for the high scoring from the season dancers from DWTS previous shows who served as judges and helped anty the votes for nearly all of the remaining contestants.

 The next episode will eliminate another couple.. I say Bristol Palin and Mark, but who knows? Bristol is a favorite amongst folks like Kelly Osbourne, but, the girl can’t dance. Ok, I can’t dance either and I digress. I was led to write this celebrity briefing on Brandy because of some of my followers on Twitter. I’ve been getting retweets in fairly high numbers in response from the short post over there when I comment on celebrity & politics and for which clara54 does from time to time. After watching DWTS last night,I thought that Brandy’s breakout takeover performance,her being at the top of the leaderboard and her passion to win so badly should be documentated. Brandy’s been through so much these last 5 years and also her announcement that she’s not been in a “serious” one on one for about 6 years,definitely required more than forty characters (twitter tease)   So fellows, Brandy is looking for a guy with a sense of humor. This from Brandy’s lips to my laptop!

I also wanted to talk a bit about Jennnifer Grey’s outstanding performance considering her nearly debilitating diagnosis, long recovery and still delicate condition. She’s beating the odds of a possible setback and putting herself out there to show that she can do it. Reportedly,she was advised to take 20 minute intervals for breaks during those gruelling rehearsals. Way to go Jennifer! Watching the show I kept thinking “hold the neck, support the back!” I’m optimistic that one of these women, who are both at the top of the leaderboard, is going to win Dancing With The Stars!

Who’s your favorite to win? The Celebrity voting polls are now open!

Psst, did you know? Gayle King was asked to join DWTS three times and declined because she can’t dance and didn’t want to embarrass her children ! I like that about you Gayle. Clara54 can’t dance either. And, I digress:)


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