Article Writing:You never know what you’re gonna get!

The idea of freelance article writing has always held this rite-of-passage that when putting your words out there for public consumption, you give it your best. But, also, there’s the unspoken rule among many writers that somehow you save your best for the publication where you’ll reap the most for your efforts. You wouldn’t send your indepth piece involving lengthy research and expert analysis to say, a free ezine or would you?

The more writing I do as a freelance writer and blogger, the more I’m dismissing the notion that writers should somehow save their best for the very best: The best magazine. The best & most popular blogs in the blogosphere. The best web master website. The best chance of getting recognized and, or getting the most bang for your buck!

A look back at the articles I’ve written for free ezines, print magazines and as guest blogger on a few well noted blogs of late, I’m noting where the articles that got the most visits are actually the ones that were supposedly geared toward the less or non paying markets .Recently, one such piece I’d submitted to a women’s website got a glowing  review from the site’s managing editor who informed me that she liked the piece so much, she was promoting the article on their Homepage, Twitter and Facebook pages. Their readership? Well over 20,000 viewers.

I’m speaking of course of Sometimes value doesn’t always come via monetary gain, PEOPLE! Imagine how exciting to know that just one article you’ve written, which by the way you might not deem your very best…imagine that one good work has become intertwined with the  great works that are going to expose your work to thousands of readers?

You get where I’m coming from? My belief as a writer is this: WRITE your passion. Write from the heart. Stay true to yourself and stray from the competitive nature that’s a big part of becoming a freelance writer. You write and submit to whatever site you feel comfortable submitting to. Don’t judge a “name” by implication and above all else: “Do you!” Your rewards will come at the right time.

P.S.In the beginning of clara54. I wrote how this site was like Forest Gump and the advice (lesson) received from his mama, when he asks “Mama, what’s my destiny?” She responds “Forest, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.” I’m loving what I’m getting…

Clara54 welcomes your writer input…


4 thoughts on “Article Writing:You never know what you’re gonna get!”

    1. Hey Jennifer, success is sooo fleeting, isn’t it!?! Just so you know, was all set to bask in the homepage thing for a few days when lo & behold, after one day of Homepage specialness? another post came along to knock me off that pedestal!… gotta love it:) anyho, still on their twitter & facebook page LOL



  1. Thanks for this reminder! I have notes and writing ideas floating around on my desk; they threaten to swamp me sometimes. 😛 But this advice helps put a good perspective on things. Whatever would I do without smart writing friends like you? 🙂


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