Repurposed Work=Maximum Profits

Cover of "Love Jones"
Cover of Love Jones

Ok, I’m still somewhat of a newbie when it comes to getting the most out of my hard work by recycling it toward other markets. However, that being said, I’m making great progress in this repurposing thing. Recently, I went into a stack of old writing material and pullled out quite a few gems, polishing them for submission to carefully selected contest competitions. One piece written when my daughter was a little girl(don’t smirk) was slanted for a children short story picture book competition. Another is a love story written several years ago and that I plan to submit to a romance market.

Just like Fall new beginnings, our old stories, articles and essays need new homes. This can lead to greater exposure, additional clients, and increased profit in our floundering bank accounts. As writers, entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re always looking for ways to create our success. Oftentimes that success comes from thinking outside, around and alongside the four corners of the box! Finding different ways to approach the same subject might become a challenge for those of us who haven’t been putting this strategy to work. It gets easier, really it does. Already after reading some of the old stuff, I’m gaining fresh insights for crafting new stories for more markets.

It’s not hard to find suitable markets for your work. By doing the research, reading & following the guidelines and being savvy with your query, writers get to read the words “I’M VERY INTERESTED” in seeing more of your work! Recycling old material for new markets by using a different slant can only grow your profit potential. Find new audiences for your work. Boost your blog exposure, solidify your expert status and perhaps, land that elusive book deal YAY!

How about you? What’s your take on repurposing old works?

P.S. Did you know? LOVE JONES, the movie starring Nia Long & Larenz Tate is a CLASSIC!


4 thoughts on “Repurposed Work=Maximum Profits”

  1. I agree! I need to go through some older files. Perhaps there will be some extra time I can make use of too. 🙂 I also like what Jennifer said about working smarter. I’m all for that. Thanks for the reminder!


    1. Hi Karen, welcome. Yes, it’s the one refrain nurses hear all of the time about working smarter and yet, it applies to all areas of the workforce, including writing! LOL



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