Exciting News In Music,Theater,Film And Poetry!

Goose Island Juliet 2009
Image by Bernt Rostad via Flickr

I’m back with loads of goodies & happenings from creatives from around the way, people! I recently tweeted how I have an onslaught of emails waiting for my attention. In many of those emails, folks are giving heads up on what’s happening in their world and want the world at large to take notice. As always, clara54 is paying it forward…However, due to the large volume of email announcements, I’ve formulated a plan to assist my endeavors & lessen the load of getting the word out on my end. Later, about that:) First up:

The Black Ensemble Theater will break ground on their new Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center on Friday, September 10 @ 2pm. The new center will be located on 4440 N. Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois. There will be plenty of dignitaries on board, including the Mayor, the Governor, Aldermen. Remarks from the founder and executive director, Jackie Taylor marking her greatest achievement. Actor Harry Lennix will chair the ceremony. Along with this post, clara54 were to bring an interview with Ms. Taylor, but, it’s still in the works. (I know how busy you are Ms. Taylor with all of the excitement and stuff, so clara54 is still up for a post ground breaking interview?)  Thanks for the gorgeous pictures of the theater as well! please visit www.blackensembletheater.org for more info.

MAYNE Stage launches live weekly and offers up a 60 minute program showcasing a variety of acclaimed classical soloists and top ensembles from the Chicago area that will be performing for live audiences and radio listeners @ 98.7 WFMT Broadcasts premiering Sunday mornings starting Sept. 19th. This live weekly broadcast is a dream come true for all classical music lovers. There are a listing of shows as well, but, space is limited, so for further information call 773-381-4554, or visit www.Mayne Stage.com

Reggie Bullock, the producer of “A War For Your Soul” has been traveling the world with his astounding documentary. Well, he’s released the sequel to the original film, called “A War For Your Soul: IMAGE CONTROL. Reggie has kindly sent along a link for a free viewing at www.WarForYourSoul.com. I warn you, parts of the film offer food for thought and digestion .

This announcement from  friend & fellow writer from Chicago on the release of his second music video of the “Four Tributes” dedicated in memory of September 11, 2001. Mark Anthony Hall’s contribution to the people of New York & the world will be available for the public to view and share on youtube.com on September 11. The four songs are : “We Love America-The Anthem Of The New Millennium, NYC IS OB (New York City Is Our Brother) Hey Soldier, Ground Zero-Tomb Of  Heroes.”  Contact Mark AnthonyRomance@gmail.com

Fall is upon us! There are so many classes/readings and so forth in the works for enriching your life and enhancing your area of creative expertise. John Amen sent along a quick note about his September readings. I won’t list them all, but starting Sept. 11, Reading in Hockessin, DE @ 5p. 2nd Saturday Poets; Over Coffee Cafe, 144 Lantana Dr, Hoskessin, DE,19707 .  September 13, a reading in New York, Ny @ 7pm. Saturn Series;213 Second Avenue (NW corner of 13th St and 2nd Ave) New York, Ny 10003. John is quite busy this month. To see his scheduled readings go to www.johnamen.com. (Aside: yes, John, we might meet up @ one of your readings, way cool)

For those creatives who haven’t taken advantage of the online classes on every writing level known to man, there’s also offline classes to consider perhaps closer to home.  Ellace Publishing  has teamed up with South Suburban College to offer 2 Continuing Education classes for writers. The first is on Becoming a Published Author. Topics include Preparing a Manuscript, Finding a literary agent, Commerical Publishing, Self Publishing, and Marketing! The college is located at 15800 S State Street in South Holland, Il. To register, call 708-596-2000 EXT 2231.

The second class is “Surviving a Layoff” where the topics include managing emotions, reviewing cash flow, identifying resources, and tips that will assist the more seasoned writer. sounds good? Uh, Yea!

Ok, sooo, because I’ve been caught up in the trenches of late & have a backlog of stuff still to sort through (don’t we all?) I’ve decided that clara54 needs balance with posting all of this good stuff coming from creatives out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a sort of one woman PR system, but, I’m working on ways to keep the flow of my work on board with all of yours. That’s why I’m adding an  email address specifically geared for all correspondence pertaining to creatives who would like clara54 to help get the word out about their awesome works! So feel free to email clara54freelance@att.net when you have news/interviews/products to share.

Happy Fall- All!


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