Highlights From The Creative Mindset Series

Lately, I’ve been doing more reading, writing and adding important stuff to my to-do list. Some of my earliest joys in life  came about when I was reading, writing and storytelling. I’ve decided to return to those joys and recapture my love for the written word & creative expression. Recently, I finished the Creative Mindset Series by Beth Ann Erickson, the Queen Bee of Filbert Publishing. I originally purchased the 3 volume book’s Advice For Freelance Writers, highlighted great stuff and listened to the 5 DVDs included as well. The entire purchase came at a fair price considering ALL the valuable information gleaned from the books & DVDs, some of which I’m going to share with you guys.

The Creative Mindset Series DVDs speak to writers about dealing with change. Awakening their muse. Dealing with negativity. Dissolving Blocks and Marketing 101. The lessons and advice are clear & beneficial to writers of all levels, creatives in every genre and touches a great deal upon copywriting. These insider tips from a seasoned “pro” in the field of freelance writing answers the question “how do you become a successful writer?” I identified with her response in that you follow your bliss (path of writing) as opposed to that of other writers. Stressing that it’s ok to read & learn from the greats, but, ultimately, you and you alone, define your success. Do not she stresses, allow someone to define your success for you. On that same note, she advises writers to follow “The Art of Allowing.” It’s a writer courtesy that in essence says while nobody is defining your success, you don’t define other’s success either. Sounds good?

What I love about this series is that Beth is both professional and personable in her delivery. She writes with authority, but, you find that she reads like the girl next door. There’s no feeling of grandiose (although she could certainly go there!) No preaching, no talking down to the newbie writer who’s still learning the ropes, or, mimic the  shortcoming of the newer, less seasoned writer. No, this class “act” instructor teaches by example and reminds us that writers must be awake & aware of what’s going on in the industry.

Another tidbit of information that I’ve worked from is that writers can mainly write anything. We’re quite creative that way. When asked the question  “Do you accept everything offered to you in the world of freelance writing?” Beth answer came as no suprise to clara54 “Just because a window of opportunity opens, it doesn’t mean you need to walk through it.” also ” If an opportunity doesn’t advance you toward your ultimate goal, nix it.”  

I do tend to go on when I’m excited about a thing. You’ll have to purchase the Creative Mindset Series for yourself to see why it’s a good read. Also I’m listening to a weeks worth of the Successful Authors Secrets about Book Marketing (free teleconferences) with an option to upgrade for even more insights from famous authors. So far in my resolve to write more fiction, I’ve entered one of the contests mentioned on the previous post. Submitted poetry to an anthology contest and received a glowing email from a women’s magazine who will be publishing excerpts from my post “How I built a Popular Blog for Women” under their Technology page…I’m excited with the editors’ email and so excited for my wisewoman2!  

It’s a great time to be a creative creature 🙂 wouldn’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Highlights From The Creative Mindset Series”

  1. Yes, I do! I love Beth’s practical info and down to earth style. I must seriously consider getting this series. I appreciate your thoughts about it. Thanks also, for your sweet and kind comments on my blog today. I’m so glad we’ve met. 🙂

    Blessings for your week,


  2. Hi Karen, thanks for dropping in. I meant every word. Your blog is filled with warmth as evidenced by so many well wishers. And ditto to our cyberspace meeting. How nice to make your acquaintance:)



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