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“Balance the cost of the soul you lost to the dream you lightly sold…are you under the power of gold?” This is a Dan Fogelberg quote that I lifted from reading Beth Ann Erickson’s Advice to Freelance Writers in 3 volumes. I thought a lot about this quote as it pertains to my freelance writing goals. To my dismay, I found that my joy for writing was stifled somewhat, by my need to succeed. A success that oftentimes bordered upon how much money I could make, or, what big time “inner circle” guest post I could snare for clara54:( Sadly, I’d lost my focus for starting clara54 and thus, my joy for creating.

Well, dear readers, no more of that! Don’t get it twisted here though, I love! love! love! my baby here and I’m not about to give it up. Writing clara54 has allowed me to network with awesome people whose work I admire and more importantly, whose character remains true. I’ve also landed an advice column for nurses,& identified my platform. A motivational & personal development blog for women which lets me know I’m on the right journey.  But, I ‘ve begun to think about writing the Short Story again. Many of you might not know this? (Why the heck not, when I tell all of my business?!)  but, I’m an avid short story writer and have entered dozens of competition over the years. Securing honorable mentions along the way. I’ve not gotten the money prize yet, but, the feedback has been encouraging and invaluable lessons I’ll apply this time around.

I feel the time is right to get on the bandwagon and allow the joy of writing to reclaim my creativity. I’m been too long without that sole purpose in my writing career that, according to Beth, “skim the ebb & flow of creativity.” There will be more pearls from Ms. Erickson on the page at some point, but, I’m going to end  by posting some of the exciting short story competitions that you can enter during the next three months. I will be busy writing like a bat outta heaven these next months and will keep you updated on my progress.

Tennessee Williams Fiction Contest-Nov deadline

Family Circle Magazine Short-Story Fiction Contest- Sept. deadline

African American Heritage Writing Contest-deadline August 15

C Clark Hope’s 9th Annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest-Oct deadline

Power Women Magazine Women In Business Contest-deadline August 12, requires a submission fee

That’s just the tip of the iceburg in upcoming short story competitions. Please feel free to add your info. 

PS. “Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams, unless you chose to be a star.” Just something an editor said to me after reading one of my short stories:)


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