“It Matters Not The Size Of My Step; As Long As I’m Facing The Right Direction”

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Okay, so it’s a tad long, this quote by Dawn Thierfelder, but it so describes my journey here at clara54, that I had to make it  bold & serious! If you want to read more affirmations from Dawn, you can follow “quotes” @ Coach Dawn Says on Twitter.

Nooo, I’m not getting paid to endorse Dawn’s quotes 🙂 Speaking of getting paid, I went in to work this morning, only to be told that we were over staffed.  Say What!?!

Actually, as bad as the healthcare arena is in today’s economy, we’re over staffed? Yea, the folks in charge are still cutting costs for quality Healthcare. I won’t even address the nurse to patient ratio because I’m not going to use clara54 to rant.

I’m of a new mindset and new attitude these days. So, before vacating the premises,I go down to the hospital cafe to grab some delicious grub for breakfast, thinking about this other hat I’m wearing & loving btw: Freelance Writer.

I have been doing a bit of networking over at my business blog at Authentic Woman, my empowerment site for women, which has gotten positive results. One motivational guest post was accepted. Another awaiting publication.  I also have a biz deal in the making that I’m waiting for paperwork to be finalized before revealing details.

I have a ton of email backlog that needs my attention as well. And I’m finishing up a read in 3 volumes from Beth Ann Erickson of Filbert Publishing that I’m going to profile here soon. In the meantime, I’m still paying it forward to some of my writing buds when I get emails for PR pieces that doesn’t exactly gel with the theme of Clara54.

For the most part, the work folks are asking me to profile is totally legit & fabulous!  I guarantee if I can’t fill your requests, I’ll forward it to someone who can.

Okay, that’s it for clara54. There’s so much more stuff I need to get out . I have a full day ahead, but I do have a social life as well! Life is good, even in bits & pieces, because clara54 is headed in the right direction 🙂


9 thoughts on ““It Matters Not The Size Of My Step; As Long As I’m Facing The Right Direction””

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. I loved this quote as well! Quite motivating. Led me to read more of her great affirmations:) Love any & all positive/encouraging writer “speak”. and lay people as well.



  1. I think Franky Beverly Of the singing group Maze said it best. Like flowers need sunshine snd RAIN to grow, creative artists require both compliments and criticism to “bloom” and reach their full potential. 🙂
    I do dig Dawn’s quote…

    Keep on keepin’ on!


    1. I’d concede that both lyric & quote speak volumes. However, for me, the balance comes from a place of knowing “in thine own self be true” which ultimately guide my steps.



  2. Very refreshing post! I like your optimism and hopeful insight. I needed to read something like this today; thanks for sharing! 🙂


  3. I wish I coud say it was “intuitive”, but every comment comes to my emai? address:) Hope that’s ok to reference you by name? if not, can edit it out. I visited your site. It’s quite interesting. Hope to read more of your work.

    Shine on!


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