Clara54’s “No Dumping Zone” Ordinance

So I’ve been missing in action from my readers at clara54 and from other projects due to “Technical Difficulties” .  Needless to say, at the onset of computer trouble, I almost panicked…what was I to do? How could I ever play catch-up and What if I lose my readers who might turn away in distrust/disgust? I nearly voiced as much to the first internet service provider as I answered questions & followed his guide connectivity directions over the phone. I was raised properly, however, so I held my tongue (teeth imbedded) to ask when I’d be getting the replacement part. Reassured, I hung up feeling better and anticipating being back online in a few days…

After several days and staying on the phone several hours, I reconnected with yet, another service provider. She was friendly, efficient and sorry to inform me that my replacement order had never left it’s initial write-up stage. YIKES!  Ok,  so now, I’m about to blow,, but, she was sooo nice and helpful and let it be known that this particular assignment wasn’t in her job description but, that because I was so patient & understanding, she’d go ahead and set up the info needed to get my show on the road. We talked about the how tos of photo images, breathtaking scenes she’d captured with her camera and suburbanites going to July 4th parades in the city.

I read a lot in my downtime. Wrote several articles for my blogs and even went to Michigan to visit my grandchildren. I suppose what I took away from this whole internet debacle and what I’m proposing here at clara54 is this: When life happens and “stuff” hit the fan, instead of jumping around, screaming, and flabbing about like a chicken with its head cut off, why not stay in the moment? Experience the good with the bad while finding a workable solution? One thing Deborah @ the tech support said that stayed with me? “I don’t have to do this, but, because you’re so nice, I will”.  Sure, I could have copped an attitude & demanded she send me to someone whose job it was to do ” this” but, I didn’t.  Instead, I thanked Deborah for her time and for being ever so nice:)

I suppose I said all of that to inform folks that clara54 is back in business and that she’s got a new attitude. Therefore, my site is for extolling positives and the sheer beauty of creating. If you’re needing to fan the flames of negativity,  keep-a-going! Clara54 is not the place for you. Gosh, It’s so darn good to be home!


2 thoughts on “Clara54’s “No Dumping Zone” Ordinance”

  1. Wow, I can relate. Was nearly “screaming and flabbing about” last night about something but decided to roll with it. It’s amazing what a little self control and perspective can do, isn’t it? I learned to slow down and enjoy life more as my kids got older but I am still a work in progress. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of good things! Glad to see you back.
    Blessings to you,
    Karen 🙂


  2. Hi Karen, I think because we’re only human, we’ll always be a work in progress:) But, it’s good to just stop in the midst of chaos and breathe yourself back to sanity!

    Thanks for stopping by & the next time, we forget to allow ourselves to just “be” in the moment, we could always slap ourselves to “snap out of it!” remember how Cher’s character did to Nicholas Cage? Anyhow, just a thought 🙂



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