Tracking The Rhythm To Your Writing…

I’d never actually thought about the rhythm in my writing, until Iread a recent post at Christina Katz’s “The Prosperous Writer” where she likens one’s writing rhythms with the rhythms found in music. I love music and oftentimes find myself relating to & dancing to the rhythm of the beat:)

On a more serious note and to answer the question about how I use the rhythm in my own work?  “Love Jones” the movie, comes to mind where the male protagonist, a writer (natch) complains that his love interest, is “wrecking his flow!” I was so enthralled with the line in this movie, that as a writer, whenever I’m in sync with creating words to page & the phone rings, or, the doorbell pells and I have to stop: I instantly think “Dang, you’re wrecking my flow.!”  

Productivity and momentum in my writing comes during early mornings and the ambiance of late night ‘stillness.’ Those are times where I’m feeling one with nature and become caught up in the dawn of a new day, allowing my thoughts to run about and I’m in a zone as my fingers play out  the rhythms to my creative vibe. Imagine feeling lost to time & space  and it doesn’t matter because you’re happily writing in your creative bubble. 

It doesn’t matter how writers use their rhythm to create, it matters that they recognize that they do. According to The Prosperous Writer, we all have rhythm. AND the question?  How do you use your writing rhythm?

To read this great post on rhythm usage in your writing, visit


3 thoughts on “Tracking The Rhythm To Your Writing…”

  1. You know, I haven’t thought much about it lately, perhaps because I’ve had so many things ‘wrecking my flow’. I like the idea, though. Next time I am in my writing zone, I will think of you and refer to it as a flow. And will ban all flow wreckers from my office!
    Happy weekend,
    Karen 🙂


  2. Hi Karen- thanks for stopping by. I hadn’t given much thought to the writing rhythm that we all use until I’d visited Christina Katz’s post and decided to participate in keeping the flow question going…

    Feel free to use the “wrecking your flow” analogy for as long as you want:) I think it’s a cute way to describe our annoyances @ intrusions



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