“Vacation Diary” by Clara54

Welcome to Chicago Midway International Airport
Image by wallyg via Flickr

Hello all! It’s nice to see clara54’s friends & fans have been faithfully visiting & offering up comments since I’ve been away these last several days_it does warm a girl’s heart:) Anyhow, you’ll be getting to read three installments of a behind-the scenes look into clara54’s vacation/family reunion, inclusive of beautiful photos at the finale …YAY! 

Clara54 ( via voice recorder) at the airport/preparing for takeoff :

Just lost a button on my blouse & my stomach is exposed. Well, at least my stomach is flat ,but it’s playing peek-a-boo through my cute little yellow top that I’ve never worn. Well, my daughter is going to find a tee shirt for me to wear on the plane as this is kind of uncomfortable… We are here at Midway Airport waiting to board the flight that will take us to  our connecting flight.

 (Minutes later)

Ok, I’ve changed into the $14.00 bulls shirt in the bathroom of the airport. I’m feeling some ‘purchase pains’ right about now, because $14.00 is waaay too much to pay for a darn Tee shirt!

After reaching our connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re finally arrived at our vacation destination to rent a car, Upgrade advised due to the amount of luggage we’re attempting to pack in the trunk of the rental (hmmm) Ok, agreed, upgrade it is and  we’re on the road again to our reserved lodgings…The use of GPS by this younger travel generation becomes a bit exhausting, but, eventually, we arrive & clara54 falls head over heels with the hotel!
We finally gather to review & plan the week’s itinerary…the first evening spent as a family of 30+ was  a generational gathering at a convenient asian eatery where the shrimp was spicy and the drinks ‘NON-ALCOHOLIC’, cool & refreshing… I’m beat so this is clara54 signing off.

2 thoughts on ““Vacation Diary” by Clara54”

    1. Hi Jennifer-I think tourism begins & ends in your airport’s backyard 🙂 Then, you won’t want to hear about the veggie burgers @ Disney!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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