Clara54 “Me” Time Interruptus…”Vacation Diary”

Clara54: I’m in my room… looking out of the window. It’s very early in the morning  still, just 7am. I’m watching the birds outside my window and  looking at some beautiful purple flowers. I’m whispering because my granddaughter is sleeping. I wanted go out on the patio, but, yesterday I saw a gecko and I’m scared of the gecko.It’s very early in the morning though and I want to take pictures of the flowers, but, I’m scared to walk in the grass…’country girl, me’.

Anyway, I have a nice cup of coffee. I’m looking out of my window, seeing water, grass, beautiful Florida mansions, and other buildings.  But, there’s nothing like going outside mingling with nature at 6:55 in the morning and I have my cup of java. This is the dilemma. On the way to the patio, there’s a pull out bed and of course, someone’s in the pull out bed.

When I got up to make my coffee, after taking my shower. I had to turn the light on & I kinda had to interrupt someone’s sleep…how inappropriate. What a bummer. I wasn’t going out on the patio for fear of the gecko. I could have looked out at the patio… sat at the huge table in the diningrooom. I couldn’t do that. Instead, I’m standing at the window in my bedroom, contemplating if I should try to take a picture of the flowers this morning with my camera through the window (sighs) but, then, I’d probably not get a good shot. Anyhow, I’m gonna finish drinking my coffee…

At The Boardwalk: While the kiddies tore away for a day of Disney’s theme parks inclusive of Magic Mountain & Epscot Center’s, Disney rides and character sightings, along with their parents, the other half (slower)) of us decided to stroll Disney’s Boardwalk…

It’s been a long, long, day today (exhausting tour)  we went to the Boardwalk. Half of my pictures came out & half didn’t. I don’t know what that’s about. anyhow, it was a gorgeous day out. I’m tired and feeling a bit dehydrated too, so, this is clara54 signing off. Oh,yea, we got some free family reunion buttons today (Smiles)  Florida is cool. Later…” I’m beat.”


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