Do Writers REALLY Take A Non-Working Vacation?

I’m in the midst of packing for my annual family vacation/reunion this time in sunny Florida! I look  forward to these little trysts with family from near & afar, because life is a constant cycle of busyness and let’s face it, we oftentimes disconnect with those we love. Whatever happened to the good ole days of telephones and snail mail?

Which brings me to a bit of dilemma here. I’m always happy as a pea in a pod to see and play catch up with family members, but, I’m also an addictive writer here folks and I’m debating if I should carry my laptop with? Ok, I’m definitely NOT going to make this a working vacation, but, I’m wondering how other creatives handle this vacation/non working thing?

The time spent with family is priceless and so I’m only taking a notepad, camera, and voice recorder:) After the last couple of weeks working my tush off to meet deadlines and writing up  interview questions for  upcoming clara54’s guests spots, I’m so open to a bit of R/R. But, I have a writer’s mind and I will be posting a review of the affordable digs my lil bro scored for the family to hang out in, so stay tuned.

Oh, yea, I forgot. For those who want to know? Everything worked out perfectly for that magazine feature mentioned in a prior post. The editor was happy. I’m happy and I’m knowing my loyal readers, you’re happy for me as well:)

This is clara54 signing off until my laptop & I re-join you for another post next week…

P.S. Alright writers, are you vacationing without actually working a wee bit?

just sayin’


2 thoughts on “Do Writers REALLY Take A Non-Working Vacation?”

  1. My writer’s mind is always working, and I always have at least a notebook with me to record thoughts and ideas. Usually when I am away, I am too busy to do much else, which for me is a good thing. Sometimes I am glad to not have internet access; it’ll all be there when I get back. Hope you have a wonderful time! 🙂


  2. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. I so agree with the mind of writers/on constant ALERT mode:) but, I didn’t take my laptop—just notepad & voice recorder. Actually just got in a couple of hours ago and am only sorting through emails on a “must” respond basis…will f/u accordingly.

    The trip to Orlando was spot on! I will be writing a sort of review here at clara54, once I’ve settled in 🙂


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