Clara54’s 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY/ In Review

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Things have been popping so much this start of 2010 that, oops! I forgot to send a shout out to yours truly for clara54’s 2nd anniversary. Actually, my baby came on board wordpress June 3rd! and like I’d written from the start; at clara54, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get 🙂

Actually, you’ve gotten quite a lot of great stuff here. Let’s do a wee summation in honor of  Clara54, shall we?

1. Loads of viewers/comments/networking friends

2. Great interviews with:

a. Celebrity & Authors

b. Filmmakers & Fashion Design

c. Poets & Politics

 Clara54 joined Twitter and LinkedIn and see encouraging growth in professional resources & also picked up some awesome followers, including Marketing guru, Jeff Herring…Thanks for the follow Jeff!

Became a contributing guest post writer for WritersRoundAbout…thanks for the opportunity, Rebecca Lafar Smith.

Promoted a popular motivational blog for women@, to a receptive audience of professional & everyday women on a journey to authenticity.

Landed a seasoned nurse advice column @ a nurse magazine & just sent in a 2500 word+ pics for their annual feature… finally I can breathe again 🙂

Clara54 is no longer the newbie kid on the block, but still a bit moist behind the ears of freelance &  these last two years I’ve come away with great respect, on a grand scale for writers of all caliber. It’s not an easy thing to write your passion to an oftentimes world of critics, naysayers and people with an opinion, but, one must learn the how-tos of not making it personal as Guy Finley so eloquently put it, “your opinion of me-is none of my business!!” Psst, not editors & publishers Guy!

My hope is for Clara54 to continue the journey started 2 years ago. To continue to bring a bit of life, laughter, and human connection to my loyal readers AND make a good & lasting impression on their minds, hearts & spirit…(ya’ll feel me?!)

PS. Stop by to read my motivational blog for women at & speak your mind!


4 thoughts on “Clara54’s 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY/ In Review”

  1. Congrats on the Blogoversary and on all your accomplishments! I’m impressed (promise no big heads, okay?) with your success. I am glad to call you a blogging friend. 🙂


    1. Thanks Karen! As If! (On Getting The Big Head) I’m the one who loves the simplicity of life experiences & not so easily impressed…although connecting with friends in the blogosphere does make for ‘ feel good moments’. just sayin’ :):)

      Keep dancing!


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