A Blogger Salute To The “Oldies” of the Blogosphere

I have to admit how I’ve been feeling like the proverbial kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar of  delight when trolling  down the discovery road that leads to blogging sites of creatives of every age and geographical location, eager to offer insights into their blogging world, as they offer ways you can make your blog better! There are so many wonderful sites poping up all over the blogosphere and I’m for sure taking notes from my travels.

I happily consider, for the most part, the great content; wonderful blogging advice and add to that, the inviting & colorful ambiance of a blog theme, header,templates,plugins,widgets & such. .. but, be forwarned readers; even though clara54 is thrilled to make new connections & offer comments where appropriate on these wondeful & innovative blogs, she’ll always remain a faithful & true blue sucker for the tried and true, the mother of all creative wisdoms and the joy of community that the “oldie” but “goodie” blogs continue to  bring to the table.

I’ve learned from example from these “experts” in their chosen field by reading & applying awesome tips on everything from how to query a magazine; promote your blog ; write & sell your ebook, conduct interviews and get happily published!  The folks behind these blogs are all that and a bag of Doritoes! AND

They should be held accountable for all that they have given back to the blogging community and to those bloggers still navigating the road to what will ultimately become their  “success.”  A big shout out to the following masters in the blogosphere and the freelance writing world of all creativity goes to:

Seth Rodin

Deborah Ng

Anne Wayman

Susan Jonhston

Men With Pens


The Practicing Writer

Inkwell Editorial

Worldwide Freelance


clara54 salutes you for all you bring to the world of blogging and to all things creative!


2 thoughts on “A Blogger Salute To The “Oldies” of the Blogosphere”

  1. A big Amen to this! Am familiar with some of these, but will have to check out the others. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


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