Blog Post Overload…Are You Guilty?

There are opposing views on how often bloggers should post on their blogs in order to keep and attract viewers… In reading the various ‘how-tos’ of blogging, as in what makes a great blog, I’m often reading advice leaning toward the favored daily post/twice week post as opposed to weekly posting. I post weekly because it gels well with my lifestyle and my readers sort of know when to expect new stuff… Perhaps, because I post weekly, I might be considered “behind” in the popularity poll of blogging mania.

Blogging has become like Reality Tv of sorts, in that its the hottest thing right now in viewership/network gold mine… Don’t get it twisted, I love reality tv and blogging! I’m a big fan of both. Folks who read my blog know this…

Blogging has become so popular, that even younger people are making a name/profit from sharing their tech knowledge and entrepreneural aplomb & rightly so! It’s a free for all deal in the blogsphere & even  seasoned pros in this business are guaranteed to learn a lot from these “smarty pant gurus”!

Still, I’m finding myself feeling overwhelmed by all of this information highway network. Some of the info, truthfully, is redundant. If you’ve read one blog on how to keep your blog popularity, then, you’ve probably read another saying the same thing, only in a different voice. I’m all for the sites  that have valuable & unheard of  info to share, or established blogs you can get your gig troll on, offer marketing/branding/tech info, but when there’s nothing new… Whatever happened to originality?

Well, maybe because I’m posting weekly, I’m feeling left out here or, Perhaps, I should post twice weekly at best!  I don’t feel the need for speed right now, or, that I’m neglecting my readers when actually, readership has seen a big increase these last months. People are emailing me for advice & recommendations  stuff…Somehow, posting weekly just works here…

BTW… I’m in talks with a wonderful Illinois artist who agreed to post some of her beautiful work here, along with a interview…don’t go getting too excited just yet though art lovers, there’s still so much on my June to-do list that  must take precedence. Do come back for weekly reads from clara54 & you won’t be disappointed…

PS. How often do you post? How’s that working for you?


4 thoughts on “Blog Post Overload…Are You Guilty?”

  1. Personally, I think that a blogger should post when they feel the need to share info of interest, or when he or she has some new “developing” news. It’s a personal choice dictated by many factors.

    As long as it’s good writing, I don’t think you can get too much of a good thing. And hey, if it is, well…you can always opt not to read it. 🙂 “Just say no.” 🙂

    As far as originality goes, how much variation is there in blogging? I mean really, sometimes information overlaps or duplicates because it’s not some elaborate, deeply philosophical, “rocket-science” sort of topic it’s blogging. 🙂 As my mom often says, “It is what it is.”

    More important than frequency is consistency. For example, some bloggers say they post “weekly” when in actuality they post “weekly” sometimes, but more than likely post sporadically, sometimes every 2 weeks, and sometimes when the mood hits them.

    The thing is again, consistency. Well, that’s just my 2 cents on the subject!:-) Gotta go…


  2. I like that you alluded to “personal” choice. It’s for me, a “no-brainer” that & keeping my readership, of course! I think viewers who stop & stay are comfortable with reading clara54 once a week. Why mess with a good thing?!

    Thanks for stopping by Jennifer.



  3. I post on Monday and Thursday. It works well with my schedule for now. I agree, the info out there is great but sometimes redundant. Often it can be overwhelming. I can only take in so much and process it and keep up with my writing, life, etc. I have been blessed, though by the community of blogging friends I discovered. It’s been a great ride. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. I appreciate it! 🙂


    1. Hi Karen- actually, it was a pleasure reading your blog… you have great & inspiring content:) Also your visit here & comments are truly appreciated. I love the idea of networking via blogs and other social media. the wealth of info is most times welcomed, but then, there are times, I feel I’ve been down that same road (blog) before…



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