Deadlines, Procrastination & Lessons Learned…

How many times and how many of us in the business of doing business as bloggers/freelance writers and other creative endeavors, haven’t at one time or another languished in the sheer ambiance of being writers (and all the trimmings that comes with) and somehow ended up dropping the ball! Ok, an affront, who among us haven’t procrastinated in their work?

So ,I’m guilty!  But, in my defense as a writer; “I thought I’d have plenty of time to complete the project and didn’t fanthom the deadline pushed up a week in advance!”  Alright, I can feel the hot breath of you seasoned writers breathing down my neck, wanting to tear my flimsy excuse to shreds, but, note the title of this post…please! I’ve learned sooo much from seasoned pros within the community of like minded folks and taken a few refresher courses. landed some great assignments along the way. The thing is, I’m at my very best when working under pressure, err, that was before my printer went kaput (awaiting replacement arrival today) and before my editor hit me with the news of the magazine’s feature being moved up!

Speaking on “the magazine”. I’ve been assigned, since December, to do their annual blow out feature for ‘What makes a great hospital’  for their July publication…This magazine has been around since 1986. Their sister publication came about 4 years later. Suffice it to say, I’m employed to do this thing by a very reputable magazine.  When the editor asks me to jump as in move the piece up, of course, I say “no worries!”…

Today, I’m learning how it feels to work against a fast approaching deadline. I’ve learned as a freelance writer; it’s not cool to rest on your laurels, or, lack thereof… AND I’m also learning that this technical stuff can put your butt in a tailspin! Sweating bullets? No, man, it’s cool! Just pretend you didn’t see that slight hand tremor! Oh, dare I hasten to add how Mothers Day is gone & Graduations for May/June looms (family arrivals) AND June family reunion just ahead? oh, well, no more excuses. Clara54  is about to get this ball rolling…Isn’t the writing life grand?!

PS…Your  thoughts on avoiding ‘procrastination’ blahs?


2 thoughts on “Deadlines, Procrastination & Lessons Learned…”

  1. Okay. I don’t want to seem “preachy”, but I never procrastinate. As a “seasoned” writer I have seen and lived it all. I have worked full time in the day, gone to college at night, and still had PAID writing gigs with deadlines…didn’t miss a beat. My secrets? Time management, belief in Murphy’s Law, and wanting to ALWAYS, ALWAYS honor my word to others.:-)

    Well, that’s my 2 cents on the topic. Keep, keepin’ on!


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