Celebrity Couples News From Clara54

Variety is the spice of life and clara54’s popularity is due, in part, to all topics of interest to her readers, inclusive of getting the latest juicy tidbits on celebrities & their significant other/s …
Don’t despair, because, here I tend to keep the “Ts” simple and drama free AND only report what the celebrity doesn’t seem to give a hoot about the public knowing… SO,
Everybody knows how GOOD Jennifer Hudson is looking these days after becoming spokesperson for Weight Watchers. What you might not know is that Ms. Hudson (engaged as of this post) will be starring as Winnie Mandela, the ex wife of Nelson Mandella in a movie set to air in May. It seems Winnie is not happy about how she’s going to be portrayed AND the lucious studmuffin, Terrance Howard will be playing Nelson Mandella…All I can say is “Hustle and Flow!”
Megan Fox (Transformers ) and boyfriend, Brian Austin Green (90210) were recently captured by photogs sharing a bowl of Pink Berry’s Yogurt…a nice lovey-dovey thing to do, right? It’s reported that Brian, a not acting, actor & Megan, a constantly acting celebrity, were celebrating her 24th birthday…Sometimes it’s the thought… Psst, I’d love some of that Hollywood yogurt!

Common, the rapper is out and about promoting his movie “Just Wright” co-starring Queen Latifah. When asked if he and his love, Serena, the tennis ace, were going to get married soon, Common wasn’t the one to be put on the spot. His response? “It’s a good combination.” He went on to say how they were at a point in their lives where they would keep moving forward…say what!?! Clara54 heard it through the grapevine that the movie was, well… not the best… but, do go and see it for yourself & give us the real deal here.

Finally, Alex Rodriguez… Remember him with Madonna not so long ago? Well, since then, it’s been Kate Hudson & now, there’s allegedly, Cameron Diaz, who once was with Justin Timberlake who once had a fling with Kate Hudson while he was still with Cameron Diaz, so could it be that Cameron is fine being with Kate’s ex, Alex because of Kate being with Justin…Oooh, the drama of celebrity hookups & breakups & more of the same!!!

PS. There’s soooo much going on in the next several weeks here @ clara54…You’ll have to just come back for details 🙂


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