How Child’s Play Can Unleash Your Creativity

I’m beat tonight, but, it’s all good because I’ve gathered more food for fodder/posts this last week from hanging with children than I have in recent months. Let me clarify. Mother’s Day brought out visits from children of various ages, temperments & sizes (grandchildren) to be exact… Great times @ granny’s place armed with flowers, happy tidings and where do I sleep? Add to that, the little ones wanting to watch ‘scary movies’ and tell imaginary tales of fright on their own time and your dime, as in “Grammy,dinner ready yet?” .

I became a mother hubbard, mother goose and follower of the yellow brick road rolled up into one as I found myself in the midst of little legs, arms, shoes, little girl brushes, boy’s jeans and god forbid, pop tarts without the toaster! Kids, you gotta love them for the sheer joy and chaos they bring into the stillness that is no longer recognizable as a place of peace, tranquility,and your comfortable writing nook.Just accept that your writing flow is wrecked…

Ok, so tonight, clara54 get to spend the last night with the younguns. Prepare one last amazing meal of Shrimp Scampi in a creamy garlic butter sauce & steaming brown rice pilaf, with a banging salad on the side (their fav) from my secret recipe “GORTONS”… kids ARE so gullible, and so easily satisfied:)…

All in all, a fine ending to a week of chatter, kid’s laundry,scary movies and pretense at culinary skills…Oh, did I fail to mention the stories I get to expound upon? Sometimes, the secret to jumpstarting a stalled muse is simply a kid’s visit away…Hmmm, I think I’ll blog something for a killer guest post…

2 thoughts on “How Child’s Play Can Unleash Your Creativity”

  1. Good post. Good read. Yep, kids are the cutest thing.:-) They help us not only to get in touch w/our muse but also with our inner-child; which many of need amidst this climate of grueling work demands, juggling bills, economic survival, etc.

    P.S. I knew you didn’t make that
    mouth-watering meal from scratch. 🙂


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      You’re so right about the kids…they contribute to the better being of us! Ok, now, you don’t need to put my lack of culinary skills on blast!:)



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