It’s A Nurse Thing…

Mother’s Day is over, but for clara54, the celebration continues. For folks unaware, May 6 thru 12th is also Nurses Week! AND because I’m a vet in the nurse profession, I feel it’s only fitting that I give a shout out to my fellow “Nightengales” and give my readers the 411 on how nurses do it!

First off, every unit receives an itinerary for the six day event… Good foods from vendors in medical supplies,ambulance services,regional hospitals & healthcare facilities are on the nurse agenda, along with massages, manicures and gift bags from administration….

Nurses deserve these few acts of kindness & appreciation because it’s rare that recognization is given to those of us caught up in the trenches of striving to provide quality care to our patients. Surely, nursing isn’t for the faint at heart and for those without compassion as anything can happen when dealing with other folks lives…I’m grateful to have spent the better part of my life as a caregiver for others, but, now, it’s my time to shine and here at clara54, I’ve found my niche as freelance writer/ blogger/columnist…

Thanks to all of my loyal readers here @ clara54 and to my followers on Twitter for all you do and if you know a nurse/if there’s a nurse in your life? Give ’em a shout out as well. We’ll truly appreciate knowing how you appreciate us for all we do!


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