Fundraisers, Teleseminars, Writing Conferences;Oh My!

Since making the decision 4 years ago to get serious about the business of writing, I’ve taken a leap of faith,faced my networking fears and plunged into the whole idea of advertising , marketing, and growing my freelance writing dream. Not necessarily in that order, but, you get the gest of how FOCUSED I am about branding myself as a freelance writer, blogger and entrepreneur…

My determination has obviously led me to learn more about the workings of SEO,Google, Keywords and great content as it pretains to increased traffic, readership and exposure.
The idea of teleseminars appeal to me because questions of concern for the blogger/freelancer are addressed by professionals who have been there & done that… appeals to the sentiment that no one has awaken to find themselves, suddenly successful writers/bloggers. The insider tips in these types of settings are valuable gems for all involved in the process.

I also like the idea of interacting with other creatives from the comfort of home during these seminars . The one drawback would be having to keep abreast of time zones…

The other night I attended a fundraiser for at risk children. I felt a part of something humane & necessary knowing that my small contribution would in someway help a child in need. Also, I got an opportunity to exchange a few business cards with other networking folks in writing, web design, and music!

It has been a few years since I attended a writers conference, but,the feeling of community I felt there doesn’t escape me. I remember listening to these esteemed roundtable of writers, poets & best selling authors (Sonya Sanchez & Terry McMillan) come to mind, and wonder when/if I’d ever get to their level…of creativity.

Ok, clara54 haven’t yet scaled that mountain of accomplishment, but, I’ve been fortunate enough to network with & interview charmed folks who have. Does that count? AND

Thanks for the follow on Twitter from Sam’s Web Guide!

PS. Tune in Friday when clara54 posts a special Mother’s Day treat for her loyal readers!


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