Blog Etiquette-“To Comment or Not to Comment?”

And so therein lies the rub. Hmmm, I wonder how Shakespeare would ponder the dilemma? Anyhow, I’ve been riding the waves of the blogosphere of late and something seems to be running amuck on most sites I’ve visited in regards to what I’ve termed “blog etiquette”…the debate on whether bloggers should comment when they visit other folks pearls of wisdom/writings/two cents and so on. I’ve sort of stayed silent on this one, until now in an effort not to offend, or cause folks ne’er to comment on clara54 again, (as if!)

I think that bloggers who blog in an effort to obtain/solicit/garner/response are well off the mark in their purpose for blogging. Let me clarify a bit. I started clara54 well over two years ago; for me. I didn’t take into consideration how folks in the blogosphere would respond to my proverbial rants, pet peeves, ‘aha’ moments, or ramblings of a woman in transiton on a journey to finding her muse; They do. In fact, most people who visit clara54 make it a point to add their voices of inspiration,encouragement and sometimes educational stances-all to a welcoming audience of one…me. I’ve always replied with kind thank yous, followups and such.

When I visit blogs of similar interests, intriguing content , political enticements, I can’t help myself, I feel compelled to respond. Most times if I visit blogs that doesn’t have much to offer in terms of value to my endeavors as a freelance writer, blogger, opinionated woman, I don’t stick around long enough to offer comment. Should bloggers comment for the sake of commenting? In my opinion, that would be a resounding “NO!”…Ok,so just for the sake of community, this is my take on the subject… But, we all know the ideology behind opinions…shine on!

2 thoughts on “Blog Etiquette-“To Comment or Not to Comment?””

  1. Just think of it as a continuation of The Great Blog Etiquette Debate LOL! Methinks it’s an ongoing source for community dialogue. Your comment, in my opinion (that dreaded word again) sums it up perfectly.



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