Some T.G.I.F. News!

I’m a bit exhausted this evening…been a heel-of-a week! I worked so darn hard today I literally forgot it’s friday! But, I was reminded when I checked my emails & there was the link to my guest post @ The Urban Muse! Thanks Susan Jonhston for reminding me it’s not all for naught:) Anyhoo, I’ll be send along a mini press release to all of my email friends/family shortly because I’m in essence promoting my blog for women at with this guest post acceptance. By visiting The Urban Muse today, folks will get to see a pic of yours truly…ok, so I’m in dire need of a freelance photog (free services) but, it is what it is. Seriously, please visit my guest post at and leave a comment to let me know you were there.

I should be working on my next interview questions set for next week with the poet/author I’d mentioned in an earlier post. I will not give away all of the details but, let me assure you, those who haven’t heard her name will become blown away by her work like I was! I’m also going to talk about what’s in my head and need to be laid to rest-the takeover of REALITY TV…Haven’t you all noticed? I mean, what’s really going on!?!

But, I’m tired from working today & I need to get a bit of R&R, so let’s meet here same time/your time soon…

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