Somethin’ Simmers @ Clara54

A heck of a lot of spices are added to this week’s stew at clara54 that’s for sure. I have so much good food for you guys to saturate your taste buds. I have been busy these few days working on 2 guest posts for April, one completed, the other near completion… I’ve also entered a guest post competition over at Hope you take a minute to visit & vote for my post ” Marketing Tips For Capturing And Keeping Potential Clients”. I’m also busy promoting my blog for women at with a guest post on Susan Johnston’s The Urban Muse, tentative publication date Apr. 9th. Guys, keep that date in mind because a guest post from clara54 is sure to please:)

Currently, I’m in talks with Carrie Clark, co-founder of HealthyWorkplaceAdvocacy in California to team with an Illinois associate against workplace abuse and write for their new Illinois based website. It’s all so surreal right now, I’m still savoring the aromatic flavors permeating clara54’s existence! I love it so. It’s an honor to be considered as a voice for employee rights in an oftentime hostile workplace environment… more on the updates as I get them, but, basically, I’ll be contributing copy to the Illinois based workplace bullying website.

The special treat from Doreen Hamilton PH.D & author of Essential Speaking is here! I will be getting Doreen’s great guest post to you lucky readers shortly, however, I’m still in the midst of doing work offline as well. I’m writing a gig recommendation for an acquaintance right after this. AND the book, When One Door Closes-Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points is still available for purchase at, or simply visit Terri’s website at for more purchasing information. You wouldn’t want to miss out on owning this great book for women/your woman/ (my story included)


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