Prelude To Something Special!

Question? How many of you have an innate fear of public speaking? I do…if you do as well, raise your keyboards creatives, because clara54 is about to introduce you to Doreen Hamilton Ph.D. The author of Essential Speaking( the book i’m reading) and the 7-Step Guide to finding Your Real Voice. I’m so blown away about how some of us with this crippling fear mask this inner turmoil without really getting to the core of the problem!

For those of you who want to know more about getting rid of this fear of public speaking, come back shortly to clara54 & read Doreen’s guest post as she has kindly consented to taking time from her busy schedule to contribute. Meanwhile, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Essential Speaking as well. I’m glad I did, it’s an awesome journey people! AND…

YAY!, Healthcare Reform has passed! Affordable healthcare for all! Folks with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied healthcare/life insurances! The nurse in me feels patients & families are finally getting heard …They are the ‘America’ folks need to ‘talk’ about.

The Illinois Bill for Workplace Abuse has passed in the Senate! Received the great news from Ms. Coleen Robinson today! more to come because this subject is close & dear to my advocate heart… I’m quite busy these days,but,finding balance in dealing with it all. Hope your days are fruitful & fulfilling:)


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