A Few Surprises For Clara54…

Spring forward! can’t seem to adjust to the time change 😦 I’ve been late to my ‘day’ job twice this week! or, maybe, the clock is set too far ahead on the job, sneaks…
111 visits to clara54 on Tuesday…Yay! appears this flow of traffic stems from a recent interview subject and got folks talking & wanting to know more, hence, the stat increase 🙂 either way, I feel good about that.

The book,When One Door Closes-Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points getting mounds of publicity from media & other interested parties…My essay, Second Time Around even sent a few profile seekers my way.

Had to post a sort of rant on my blog post at blogher to purge myself from a distasteful encounter on the way home from work recently. The post “Why Young Men Disrespect Older Women “had to be written/ A tongue lashing given to the fellow was deemed necessary, followed by an overwhelming feeling of sadness for the mothers & fathers who failed to instill respect in their offspring… “oh, if I ruled the world!”

Finally got my laptop back on track…now I can recline in my PJs on my bed/couch as long as I want & write posts like this one!
Preparing for another family reunion in June, destination sunny Florida Resorts…a travel review will be in the works…

I’m not a big fan of the outrageous gossip person Perez Hilton, but love the reality show Bad Girls & took in the Oxygen network’s grand finale with the girls and Perez Hilton as moderator…I thought Perez was out of line when he set out to hurt Natalie’s feelings by challenging her “bad girl” persona… staring in her face… remarked that he was looking at her acne & could recommend a good dermatologist. Not cool Perez! Moderators are supposed to moderate, not belittle their guests! Clara54 love some good celebrity gossip, but never seek out to intentionally hurt folk’s feeling…

Finally, I’ve submitted my next working nurse column post, wrote a guest blogger post (pending publication @ last check) and will relax & welcome some “me” time on my day off!
Life is so grand! Keep visiting AND
keep dancing!


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