Let’s Talk Reality TV…

I know there are better things I should be doing with my downtime right about now; Catching up on mounds of emails & working on my next column as the deadline is quickly approaching….but, I’m procrastinating a bit to bring you, my wonderful readers a bit of Reality-Roundup…Ok, I’m procrastinating! You guys I am quickly becoming a “reality tv addict” even though I’m fighting hard against it, truly… BUT, I have to name a few of my favorites. Feel free to watch and send clara54 comments, ok?

Fantasia For Real! love it sooo much. Only because it goes to show people that if you’re determined to follow your passion, regardless of family woes, lack of a proverbial “education” (not that I’m saying don’t go to school kids!) you can still make it happen for yourself as Fantasia has proven…There is still a life for her after Idol…go Fantasia & so glad you got your family out of your house!

Let’s Talk About PEP! Ok, if you’re my age and slightly younger, you all know about the girl trio, (yes there was a drummer girl) of the 80s SALT & PEPA…Pepa is living life as a single woman with a beautiful daughter and her “girls” (friends) out here trying to find Mr. Right. The women get together for a roundtable discussion on what’s been happening on their trysts with the men AND let me tell you, these women are not lacking for dates… their reality could very well become yours…

The Women Of Aspen! Man ole Man, this show is so not my idea of how women living the life on the mountain should behave. There are some for real cat-fights, backbites and downright nasty behaviors coming out of these women & (guy friend ) mouths. I mean I want to see class when I’m supposedly watching women with class… Not so people because underneath all of that glitz & glamor are she-wolves waiting to scratch your eyes out over drama! The Housewives of all Reality Tv got nothing on these women, believe that!

Then there were the BAD GIRLS…
Coming soon will be Pretty Wild- This show will be about one of the young girls’ who made a name for herself as a member of the “Bling Ring”…She actually participated in robbing celebrities homes ( Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox) after getting info on the stars from the internet…Does crime truly pay? Apparently the girl & her sisters will attempt to become starlets in Hollywood.

What Chilli Wants_ I remember when this young lady & the group TLC burst upon the music scene wearing baggy jeans while singing “No Scrubs” and other great tunes. The devastating loss of Lisa “left eye” Lopes and the groups demise. Ronzonda “Chilli” Thomas is back with her reality show premiering in April…

For all of these reality shows, check your local listing…AND I didn’t even get to the juicy stuff!

P.S. When are they going to make a reality show about writers?


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