Just received an email from Terri today…The Book is coming! I’m so excited that I just can’t hide it:) Anyhoo that gem should be in my hands by Monday at the latest. I’m hoping you guys signed up for a copy of When One Door Closes- Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points, by Terri S. Nelson and featuring yours truly!

The book is a collection of women stories and a testament to how women can truly pick themselves up from a fall & with the spiritual guidance of the benevolence (GOD) truly “rise up and walk!” with grace & dignity.

I will keep folks updated & you know this… AND coming in March, a true treat from a fifteen time award winning author ( and that’s just from one of her three novels) who kindly consented to featuring excerpts from some of her works at clara54. I cannot wait because I’ve read her latest book of poems/prose, all 107 pages of it & I’m a “fan”.

Anyhoo, that’s in the works people. (more info along with profile) Tomorrow, however is another day and I’m about to prepare for a grueling ‘day’ gig 😦 Does anybody out there need a nurse who works from home? Just askin’…

BTW: Some great gossip headed your way as well…EXCITING!


2 thoughts on “THE BOOK!”

    1. Thanks Anne!

      I am excited, although mine is only a small portion to which 54 other brave women have contributed in this tribute book by Terri S.Nelson…It’s truly been a remarkable ride:)


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