A Review: Make Money Blogging by Daniel Scocco

Firt off, let me just say this: Whenever I’m faced with something incredible, or partake in something great, I get chills inside and out, because I know (intuitively) something wonderful is about to happen! Take for example, a Marketing Class I took several months ago… resulting in my getting my first official advice column! Well, dear readers, I’ve got that good time ‘funny’ feeling again and I need to share it with all of you guys, whether seasoned, or not!

Make Money Blogging is an ebook written by Daniel Scocco (dailywritingtips) and I’m lucky that it came across my desk at just the right time. I’ve been blogging since 2007 , but have always questioned if I am ready to take my love for clara54 to the next level…That level of monetizing my baby. According to Daniel’s profit making strategy. “I have more mountains to climb & I’m alright with that!”.

Daniel’s ebook, Make Money Blogging, places monetization of blogs at Chapter 5, which by the way is the very last page in the book as it details all of the steps you must take before getting to that pivotal point… Here’s a short recap of just some of these amazing strategies that resonated with me. ( although everything in the book is of importance to the career of the serious blogger)

1. Domain & Hosting- for starters, there’s Blogger.com and WordPress.com, but the advice offered in the book is once the basics are nailed, we should purchase our own domain & web hosting package with some company. Reasons given for doing this includes ownership of your website and more flexibility in regards to features, content management,and so on.

2. Are blogs Just Personal Diaries? Blogs did start out that way, but, the realization that the blog platform could be used for many purposes soon became evident… in many instances causing ratings/money making competition between mainstream websites & popular blogs .

3. Is It Really Possible to Make Money Blogging? “YES!” examples were given emphasizing this statement. However, to the question most people ask…”Is it easy or quick?” “No!” Blogging takes time and loads of hard work that can become for the persistent/passionate blogger, a real business.

4. Mistakes In Blogging- Daniel outlines many mistakes one makes with the blog. The first mistake to avoid clearly, is using a domain with your name & surname and writing excessively about personal matters, however, that being said, putting yourself in your blog & sharing related experiences with your audience is, perfectly fine. Your site should have a topic on its own… There are other mistakes to avoid like choosing a niche you’re not passionate or, knowledgeable about.

5. Content (one of my fav) because the blog starts with great content, which acccording to the Ebook should be valuable, unique and engaging…

There’s just so much stuff (valued) in this book! I’m so excited to have it as a reference for my blogging endeavors. The book tells you about crafting “Killer Articles”, citing examples of these type of articles to boost your viewer readership. There’s segments on Headlines and the usage of Adwords Keyword Tools(how this tool works)..Content Ideas. Posting Frequency. Design & Usability ( your logo, a must) Link Exchanges.Subscription Calls. Networking. Promotions. How to use Adsense & CPM Ads to generate traffic. Direct Advertising & Sponsorships, and How to approach Advertisers…ALL inclusive in this valuable guide for bloggers. The answers to all of your blogging questions can be found within these 54 pages.

Ok, people, clara54 is on a mission to inform you about this gem of an Ebook. It’s up to you to heed the call ! This book isn’t just about making money. It’s about building community and establishing friendships as well. That’s what I’m about at clara54 and after reading Make Money Blogging, I’m knowing that if I continue to build it, folks will come….

To read more tips/strategies and to find out about Make Money Blogging by Daniel Scocco, visit http://www.dailyblogtips.com/make-money-blogging/


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