Personal VS Personable Blogs…

Before I even started clara54. I’d been reading and visiting bloggers around the blogosphere. What I learned from every single blogger ,regardless of how they branded themselves/blogs… or, what product/ebook they were pushing, these people had personality ! ( ok, so, a few didn’t & we’re not talking about the exception here) Enjoying a blogger with personality while learning about the business of writing is what kept/keeps me coming back to that person’s site. I’ve written blogs before, one where I used my angst in political outtakes & another where I wrote mundane & minute meanderings/neither faired very well…

Starting clara54 was something I needed to do for myself. Here, I could write randomly about my children/quabbles with friends & family/job woes, and share insights about living life as a writer, a nurse & woman in transition who decides to follow her passion for writing full blast… I suppose some readers might say clara54 is being too personal…I beg to differ. I prefer to think of clara54 as representative of a personable writer’s work reflecting her personality on this journey into freelance writing:)

If I had to choose between reading books steeped in staidness, sameness, and repetitive rhetoric, or the ones with fresh ideas, different viewpoints & travels on a different path, I would by far choose the ones offering up a bit of ‘life’ . Wouldn’t you want the same for your blog? It is the differences in people that make up all flavors in life. I’m no expert in what makes or, breaks a blogger’s efforts. I do know that here at clara54, I’ve been keeping it ‘real’ personable & will continue to do so … seems to be working for me:) I’d love to hear your comments on what’s become a hot topic in some writing circles. Is your blog personal or personable?


2 thoughts on “Personal VS Personable Blogs…”

  1. Clara54

    I think a “successful” Blog can be both, but it should always be “professional” as well, if the person is seeking to use it as an avenue to attract clients or further his/her career.

    I do think too, as in many areas of life, that one should be prudent in what’s being shared with others—for some it’s simply T.M.I. (Too much info). Balance is key.

    Well, that’s my two cents.:-)


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