Today’s Recommendation!

Plenty of hot tea with lemon, huge amts of OJ and slurping heapings of chicken noodle soup for days like the one I’m having…If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m sick with the flu today. Anyhow, did a bit of web surfing & found that my first post for new column at working nurse magazine made top story! Also my latest guest post “Write love Letters And Prosper” is up @ Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and what better way to add to your cash flow than writing about romance?… A great movie to watch when you’re sick & shut in? The Lovely Bones…

A tantalizing bit: She was fourteen, high spirited & loved taking pictures. The bond she has with her father keeps her from wanting to leave him for that special place between heaven and earth. Ok, so, I’m a sucker for children:) Anyhow, folks it’s a great tearjerker & lovely movie…Clara54 gives it 4 stars!!

PS. A friend & co-worker’s baby shower was scheduled for today BUT I’m sick AND she was rushed to the hospital for impromptu arrival of little guy! Hmmm, Life is so awesome:)


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