Psst…A bit of monday morning gossip

Guess what guys? I awoke this morning thanking God # 1 for my waking up and NOT having to crawl out of bed to go out to work!, but could actually work from home!!!!! It feels so good šŸ™‚ Anyhoo, I just finished writing up my next column post for Working Nurse Magazine & I’m liking it. Can’t find my notes for this gossip segment though, so, I’m going to rely upon selective memory ok? I caught a sneak peak into Celebrity Fit Club last night which premieres tonight on VH1 @ around 9ish. As you might know, Kelvin Federline is on there with the mother of his two children-no, not Brittney! Shar Jackson…

First off, Kevin admitted on an earlier Extra interview that he’d gained a whopping 245 lbs! Shar Jackson from appearance of the sneak preview who looks to have also gained a bit, but, she’s mainly concerned that folks only know her from her breakup with Kevin & frankly, she’s tired of it! I say, you tell em gurrl! Ok, ladies, Bobby Brown (bad boy) is on the show as well…I’ve become a fan again, after hearing his country song “The Man I’m Gonna Be”… Clara54 wishes them all well and hope they reach their goal to shed some of those extra pounds.

Moving on to Wendy Williams! I know she’s my gurrl, right? Wendy had Natalie Cole on as her guest last week and I was blown away by her good-nature, sincerity & upfront issues about her health/loss of her sister. She received a donor kidney the very same day her sister lay dying in the hospital…Natalie looks gorgeous @ 60! …Ms. Cole also congratulated Wendy Williams on having THE top show in New York …I’m not surprised. Whatever the woman brings to her audience, it’s working, regardless of what those annoying critics seem to think šŸ™‚

AND I’m slowly previewing a batch of movies I’ll be reviewing for folks, so keep coming back to clara54 and keep those comments coming! I appreciate you!


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