Black History Memoirs…

Hi guys! I’m running on pure adrenalin today because I have quite a boat load of ‘stuff’ to get out. Books & movies for review and posts on freelancewriting/marketing from editor invites that’s nothing short of flattering. Feburary is Black History Month! Lots of things are popping off in honor of those brave folks who’ve paved the way for people like me to live life as another American with rights afforded all Americans in these United States of America! & I’m grateful for their sacrifices.

Michelle Duster, great granddaughter of Ida B. Wells and a recent interview subject here at clara54 and in an article I did for The Chiicago Independent Bulletin, emailed me with updates to her schedule for Black History Month. WVON 1690 Radio will be airing segments of Michelle’s family perspectives on historic figures. The segments called “Black History Memoirs” are sure to be enlightening and informative. She is also scheduled to appear on the Garrard McClandon Show @ CLTV Monday, Feb 8th between 6-6:30 pm-check your local listings, or visit Michelle Duster’s website for further information.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Reflectionsfromwomen-On Life’s Turning Points! The book is composed of 52 women( including yours truly) who triumphs over trials & tribulations to emerge whole and victorious…visit to read excerpts from the book & purchasing info! PS. Thanks John Rigo for thinking of me…promise to visit you /great poetry more often:)


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