My Magazine Debut!

It was in the mail when I got off duty today- a copy of Working Nurse Magazine . I was surprised that my column is in print as opposed to online…Now my excitement leads me to page ten (after reading the bold headline,CAREER ADVICE-How to Cope With Patient Overloads) to find Veteran Advice.& my name underneath! I’m feeling a bit numb with accomplishing one of my goals this 2010… Landing my own magazine column! I’m actually feeling like one of the big boys:) Ok, maybe not just yet…

Anyhow, Working Nurse Magazine is a RN Publication based in California. The information available for nurses is diverse. Everything from getting legal advice, finding a top hospital ,to labor and delivery. There’s even a section devoted to Nurse Recruiters and what they’re looking for when hiring nurses! Folks out there can easily pick up a copy of the Jan-Feb issue & for those in other cities, take a look see at local magazine junkets in your area. Hope you find it & me. The mag can also be found at WorkingNurse.Com..

Ok, that’s it for now, I’m going to kick back and enjoy the magazine for nurses by nurses(as well as those interested in Nursing) featuring yours truly! AND try to hammer out another sensational column post for the next issue…just sayin’ 🙂


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