Book Review: Always Looking Up-The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

Sometimes great stuff I’ve read, tried, or eaten stays with me for a long time. I love savoring good stuff before I have the need to get it out there for others to partake in and savor as well…I’ve read so many great works in my lifetime & hope to read more. There’s Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and The Measure Of A Man by Sidney Poitier…. servings of a lifetime of food for thought. If you haven’t read those great works, I urge you to do so! Michael J. Fox is perhaps best remembered for his acting credits: Family Ties (Alex Keaton) Back To The Future Trilogies, Doc Holiday and Spin City. In 2000 he penned a New York Times bestseller, Lucky Man. This was around the time he’d decided to start The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkingson’s Disease Research.

Michael J. Fox is often associated with the characters he play, humorous, satirical and funny bits of script writing. He candidly admits the humor in the title of Always Looking Up as reference to his short stature, but, that’s where the humor ends as the reality/his reality of PD begins. There were challenges for the actor in his quest to bring attention to Stem Cell Research. The political venues, attacks, affronts, and personal struggles he faced & still faces living with Parkingson’s are all captured in vivid recollection in this book. ( It gives a visual of how PD affects a person’s daily routine) But there’s also the Compassion, Spiritual awakenings and Passion that the man who is Michael J Fox must explore and seek to discover for himeself. The journey & transformation into self-awareness ultimately gives him the strength( physical & mental) to fight the good fight for PD.

It took a minute for me to read this book because I’m a nurse who deal with illnesses/death/dying everyday of the week and I frankly didn’t want to read about another person struggling with an illness- famous, or not … I was wrong to think this way! Always Looking Up is a testament to the strength that comes from something happening to you without your consent. Without your control and without seemingly, anyone caring. The book serves as a beacon of hope for everyone. I find in my career that most folks give up and give in when diagnosed with an illness. They seemingly turn themselves over to their doctors in a sort of be all/cure all mentality…Michael J Fox, although being treated for PD, doesn’t give in to his diagnosis. He lives another day to fight the good fight…Optimistism faces defeatism. (another one for webster)

Clara54 recommends this book as it gets a thumbs up! I can finally remove it from my nightstand and place it alongside other great works on my bookshelf because I’ve shared & that’s a good thang!


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