The Interview…

Went quite well on Wednesday. I’d rushed home from my “day’ job barely setting foot in the door before the phone rang! It went well though, initially. UNTIL we got down to the business of “doing business”. Let me reiterate, it was a pleasant interview. The 2 questions of most concern:



I’ll just say the pay rate wasn’t what I’d hoped for,or given that’s its 2010; Expected! Consider if hired I’d be commissioned to write 60 blog posts/month at 300 words ( a feat I could find doable if I stayed up past my bedtime & punched in late at my day job, perhaps) Anyhoo, the telephone interview went swell until, I sadly had to decline… What’s really going on? I mean, how little is too little when it comes to growing your freelance writing business? BTW, feel free to visit @ Freelance Writing Collaborative Blogging Project, hosted by Rebecca Laffer-Smith of to read my first collaborative blogging effort-folks over there are so encouraging & positive! Thanks, Rebecca.

Great news on the progress of Reflectionsfromwomen-On life’s turning points. The book willl be available for purchase January 31st… YAY! I’ve read a few of the contributing excerpts & they are nothing short of amazing! For more info on how to get this great book by Terri S. Nelson, featuring yours truly, simply go to!



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