Hi All! It’s starting to be a busy week ahead for clara54…My birthday is Thrusday, so I’m gearing up to treat myself to great conversations & relaxing moments with ole friends and new acquaintances. Its a shindig at my place, sorry you guys couldn’t come! But, email me well wishes if you like 🙂 Anyhow, I have some great information to share with creatives here and around the globe, so let’s get to it:

Michele Duster (great granddaughter of Ida B. Wells) and her co-horts in writing at MuseWrite will be conducting its second half-day writing seminar on Sat Jan 23rd , 1-5pm @ Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois. Folks have until Jan 18th to receive a 15% discount. For more information go to

A lifetime writers membership is being offered over at Worldwide The stuff you as a writer, seasoned or newbie will have access to is impressive, including access to Markets Plus. The price for the lifetime membership seems a bit stiff $98.00, I believe. But, check out WorldWide Freelance.Com for yourselves…It might just be worth reaping the benefits.

Finally, for today and this is close to my heart and personal quest for fairness in the workplace: Colleen Robinson, Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocate is sending out an SOS for all of us in Illinois to call with urgency Representive Sponsor Art Turner and Senate Sponsor William Delgado on Wednesday or Thrusday of this week! We must implore them to sponsor The Abusive Work Environment Prevention Act (HB374) so that regular hard working folks will have a law shielding them from workplace abuse! If you’re a regular joe/josephine, like me, who sometimes feel helpless against bad stuff going on in the workplace, you’ll call these folks.

William Delgado -Springfield # 217-783-5652
Art Turner- Springfield # 217-782-8116

Thanks to Colleen Robinson for sending clara54 this information & I’ll do my darnest to pay it forward!!


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