Looking Forward To 2010!

Do you feel as I do… that there’s just so much to do at the starting gate into 2010? I suppose it could be because I’m looking forward to a great New Year! I’ve landed a wonderful & paying gig with Working Nurse Magazine with my veteran nurse advice column… My story of struggle & triumph can be read in When One Door Closes-Reflections from Women on Life’s Turning Points by Terri Spahr Nelson ,making its purchasing debut at the end of January, just days after my birthday ( the real one) so feel free to visit http://www.reflectionsfromwomen.com website for the latest updates about the book and get on Terri’s mailing list!

I’ve also become a colleague of sorts over at SmallBusinessCEOMagazine. At least they have accepted my application into their business circle of seasoned professionals. I’ve also finished a great book I’m going to review for you guys here at clara54. The book, Always Looking Up- The adventures of an Incurable Optimist is by Michael J. Fox, the Actor, Activist for stem cell research, and Patient with PD (Parkinson’s Disease) left me, a seasoned nurse, humbled by accounts of his personal battle with a disease that wasn’t his call to make…

As if that’s not enough, I’m looking to devour 5 more new reads …. Write articles for my column. Clock in on time at my ‘day’ job ( ok this part sucks, sort of) and try to keep my excitement radar down to a minimum:) … I’m so in the moment right now folks, I just want to sing the words to a Darius Rucker song : “In the time I have left, I’m gonna work like I don’t need the money… I’m gonna laugh like I’m not afraid to cry… I’m gonna dance like nobody’s watching…I’m gonna love while I still got the time…I’m gonna love while I still got the time!”

Happy New Year!


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