90 Posts To “2009 in Review”

That’s such a staggering figure! Daniel Scocco invited all bloggers to participate in a Group Writing Project as they took a look back at what the year 2009 meant to them/their writings. The end results were published today on Daniel’s daily blog tips newsletter. So happy to report that my article “How Online Classes Helped Define Writing in 2009” made the cut! A big shoutout to all the bloggers/new & seasoned who responded to Daniel’s call. This exposure have resulted in retweets, blog links & bloggers networking with other bloggers, not to mention some darn good reviews! I’m very pleased. AND

I have a dilemma of sorts: Folks are constantly inviting me to connect with them on facebook. I’ve also received invites to become a member of a local tv program that seeks to mentor teens & young people about their goals, life choices & such. The program “Shaping Young Minds” is a worthwhile & charitable endeavor indeed, but, I’m debating to join because I’m focused so much on building my freelance writing business as well as working my day job. I’m knowing that members have to be involved, present and counted for & committed to be there for the sake of the children…

Then, there’s The Wendy Williams Fan Club! Yep, got an invite to join her “how you doin” ness gossip circle where I’d become privy to all the hot goings on right off the Wendy Williams hotline- what to do? I’m knowing I ‘m not going to facebook. I’m just a twitter type-of girl folks:) Anyho, that’s a glimpse into clara54’s meandering…Just put up my Christmas tree…no presents yet. Oh, my veteran nurse column will make its debut the January 2010 issue of Working Nurse Magazine…


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