Creative Expressions…

A bit exhausted from working my ‘day’ job tonight, but wanted to get this out for clara54’s loyal readers (know that you are appreciated!) anyhow, Preethi Burkholder over @ giftedhandswriting will be offering her expertise in grantwriting/grantseeking! The prolific author, musician and entrepreneur has been sooo busy marketing her work! but has kindly agreed to a guest post…also things have been kicking off for my writing biz as well… promised a bit of news:)

Mark Anthony a fellow scribe & popular Romance Writer has asked to feature me/writings in his newsletter for romantics (based upon my blog for women @ called “authentic woman”-you all know about Authentic Woman? The even bigger news ? I’ve recently signed a contract to write a feature article for a nurse magazine & just received an offer from the same magazine to write my very own column! ( actually, the column will be on a trial basis) first column assignment due in by middle of December! Doing research for the feature as well as trolling for more gigs… PS

My mind is clouded with possibilities, what if’s and “you can do this” so thanks to those well wishers who thinks I’ve nailed it. The work will speak for itself, but I’m still so excited & nervous (in a good way) Enough about me:) For those of you who haven’t heard, Kai Du Luong was in New York a while back to do a video installation for the Vilcek Foundation…you all can see trailers of his magnificent work at his myspace page…

Clara54 remains blessed, upbeat & happy to be part of such creativity!


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