Five Points Cabins Review…

Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs, AR
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Five Points Cabins is a lovely resort area that is situated back in the woods of a modern day Hot Springs, Arkansas….If there are items folks need to get…planned tourist attractions mapped out for the day, or just to browse the city itself while on vacation, one need only to drive down an incline from peace & serenity to the main highway leading into the mecca town that is Hot Springs. The city is not very big…population wise but, there were sites my family & I got a bit of a kick out of seeing… like finding & sampling hot water from a fountain where the water comes from below the city’s surface (hence hot springs) folks were actually driving up to collect water from this well. I personally would have liked to spend more time in the art galleries or take in the blues festival that was performing the day of arrival but, after 600 miles of travel in an RV, this sistah was tired!

The cabins were odd shaped rich cedar wood vibrant in their dark & honey coloring…A country girl by birth, I took to the cabins right off. There were about 12 finished & three in the process of being constructed on hillsides overlooking the beautiful calm waters of Lake Hamilton below. Two beds occupied some of the cabins & three bedroom occupied others, along with a jacuzzi and pull out couches…My sister & I would wake early to embrace the day…go down to the docks overlooking the water to talk & reminisce before the sun came to interrupt us, making us scurry back up the hill to our cabin & prepare for breakfast.

There were huge dinners prepared by the men & women in the family as this was our annual family reunion leading into Labor Day weekend where anyone who wanted could prepare their “speciality” …My brother’s ribs & bro-in-law’s marinated chicken were delicious…there were pies, macroni/cheese dishes.golden fried fish, potato salads, melons and such. It was a wonderful, enjoyable family labor day weekend. Five Points main attraction is Lake Hamilton, which offers up jet skiing,speedboats, rowboat, fishing, and quiet, calm waters for those who just want to spend quality time sitting around the gazebo, reconnecting and talking about life…

The Cons were few but, I think need to be addressed ( my brother warned me not to be too harsh as he liked the place he recommended & booked for us, sooo) in his favor,the proprietor at Five Points was an amicable & accomodating enough fellow ,but having the forethought to provide more necessities in the cabins like extra towels & garbage bags would have been nice AND not having to worry about little creature visits during the night like spiders & goodness mercy mice! (granddaughter said she saw one & there were mouse traps about ) would have been sooo grand…Thanks goodness tourists have the adacity to bring their very own cleaning supplies & sanitizers as well… makes for a much fresher ambiance that matches the beauty of Lake Hamilton!


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