An Early October Morn:Clara54 Writes…

It’s Columbus Day folks but more than that, It’s Monday and since I’ve slumbered most of the weekend with ole friends and new relationships, I’m going to use my day off doing something productive like catching up on loads of work for the blog, my column at Examiner and requests for articles I’ve promised to deliver… There have been a few items of interest coming to me this last week that I haven’t had time to post until this early morning .. First off the emails came announcing the official title of the book for women from Terri S. Nelson and for which I’m one of 50 contributing writers. The official title for the book coming to Amazon and KINDLE in January for your purchasing convenience is When One Door Closes:Reflections from Women on Life’s Turning Points. I am so excited to be a part of this message for women…Terri will have all the information up at her website shortly.

I’ve been contacted to profile/interview a young Chicago Designer who started her business at the young age of 25. I’ve been in talks with the young lady and have seen her designs. I will profile her collections & amazing story for Fashion Focus 2009 here ,and several venues of interest. I’m thrilled to have folks asking me to help get the word out:) A press release will be appearing on clara54 later today regarding October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what some people are doing to help those striken by this terrible disease. Tune in later for that press release & at my column for women.

Of course, I’ll be awaiting the final dates for Sonya Carmichael Jones Bootcamp class for writers coming to Chicago this month & will definitely let you creatives know all specifics… I’m also penning a piece about president Obama’s selection for the Nobel Peace Prize for my sisters’ church newsletter. AND in talks with Mr. Elbert E. McQuiller CEO of My Black Networks (MBN) in hopes of penning a column for women…

That’s it for now. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate for today. But stay tuned , there be juicy tidbits of gossip about Reality Shows, Movie Reviews and just all the stuff that makes folks curious and the world a more interesting place!

BTW: John J. Rigo, my friend in poetry, thank you for adding me to your personal invitation to continue reading your great works of poetry! John will no longer be offering his poetry via open internet but those of you who love his work can still purchase his books at…


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