Snippits, Views, And Announcements…

Hi all! I’ve been sitting on a few items of interest and wanted to get them in for you before I’m taken over by exhaustion from returning to my day job 😦 Yep, I’m welcomed back into the folds of nursing… It was truly business as usual and I’m knowing my energy level is in for a beat down. Anyho, some emails detailing appearances/readings & so forth have been lying in wait for clara54’s attention, so hoping those of you who can make the events let the rest of us know how great they were?

An invitation from The Vilcek Foundation in New York for the grand opening & reception of Kai Duc Luong (Chicago Filmmaker) newest showing of “Circumplex” on friday October 2nd. The exhibition is from 8pm to 11pm. If you’re in New York, or just a fan of this rising filmmaker’s work, RSVP to info@Vilcek.Org or call 212-472-2500-Congrats Kai!

Closer to home(Chicago) Dr.Gary Namie, founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute will be in Kankakee, Illinois on October 9th, along with Ms. Carrie Clark, co-coordinator of Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocates (HWA) to speak on workplace bullying.The event will take place at The Hilton Garden Inn. Registration info can be obtained by calling 815-932-4444. For any employee who is having “issues” in the workplace bordering on bullying, this event is highly recommended. As Carrie says, “work don’t hurt!”

John Amen, editor & founder of The Pedestal Magazine has published another book of poems, At The Threshold Of ALCHEMY,to be released by Presa Press October 1st. October readings will be on the West Coast and in New York. For information about these readings & upcoming events visit his website To view sample poems from the book go to… I’ve read the samples & they’re beautiful!

Sunday, October 18th, the 2nd annual Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo…The Sankofa Hair Show will be showing at Northeastern Illinois University’s Carruther’s Center for Inner City Studies. 700 East Oakwood St, Chicago, Illinois. It would be good to call the University for more info in lieu of RSVP.

And because I’ve wanted to be fair with folks asking to spread the word about their projects & such…Clara54 will not turn away a request unless it’s in really bad taste…This info from Donovan D. Unknoen was checked out before posting .There’s a lot going on here folks. Anyho, the website for music monguls/ fans/ is or IMEEN…good luck with getting a record label…

Thanks to all who sent out emails of their works…and thanks for the special invites:) Will have updates on Sonya Carmichael’s upcoming Bootcamp For Writers coming to Chicago and publication dates for the book Reflections From Women by Terri S. Nelson & for which yours truly is a contributing writer! Ok, that’s enough…

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