Call For The Short Story…

Do you write short stories? I do. I’ve always loved the short story, as well as flash fiction. It’s because brevity works for me and the short story doesn’t require the loads of research that other forms of writing call for. I’m not a fan of doing a lot of research, unless it’s a nonfiction piece I’m covering & factual data becomes a must. I’ve written fiction & nonfiction stories and find them easier than long drawn out novels, the autobiograpy, memoirs & such. (although I’m procrastinating on a memoir that started out as a biographical work- decided less is more in order for me to actually get the work out:) The short story fiction competitions are hot & heavy this month of Sept. I just missed the deadline for Goodhousekeeping’s short story submission. But, I’m more than ready for Essence Magazines’ Sept 30 deadline…

Other hot spots for the Short Story:

Poets & Writers
Writers Digest
Women On Writing Ezine
Do you have a soft spot for the Short Story? Revamp those gems & join the party…
BTW: Clara54 wanna give a shoutout to Brenda Broger, a nurse practictioner in Florida(& her fav sis-in-law) for having her work “Fathers’ Coping Mechanisms Related to Parenting a Chronically Ill Child: Implications For Advanced Practice Nurses” accepted in The Journal Of Pediatric Health Care…Yay! and to Mr. Henry L. Jones, a former Illinois poet/artist based in Tennessee, for the publication of his book, Run Into Blackness: Feeling My Poetic Gumbo. Way to go Mr. Jones! Clara54 has been inspired by you guys to keep-a-going!

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