Woman Writing Again!

Hi All! The last week has consisted of packing,moving, movers, family reunions,and getting frustrated after my return home with At&t Internet Services! Anyho, today after being on the phone with Mack, a very considerate & astute techie over there  for what seemed like hours, I’m finally reconnected! Now I’m in “writers paradise”  again… The workers here are also winding down on last minute stuff they needed to finish in my new place which hasn’t felt quite like “home” because of folks trampling in\out 😦 Regardless of the traffic interruptions, I’m busy unloading boxes, cleaning out cabinets and making a grocery list of things sorely missing from my kitchen… tedious I know, but today I get to cook on my new stove!

I’ve missed out on connecting with my readers & judging from the 150 emails I’m in the process of answering, folks still like visiting here… Thanks to the guys who sent clara54 trailers of their latest works: Liscious ‘s film The Pit And The Pendelum and SIAMEZE, The Godson Of Rock & Roll. I will have those trailers up by the end of the week , fellas…From what I’ve seen of both works, these newcomers on the scene of Music & Film will become household names within a very short period of time.

A big ‘Thanks’ to the new followers of c50something over at my twitter page as well. Looks like clara54 is back in business. Now, if’s there’s anyone who’d like to come over to help me unpack? Just askin’ 🙂 Before I forget… My trip to Arkansas will be detailed in a later post. It’s truly a reality that folks get water from the Hot Springs fountain & it’s truly hot folks! Hope to upload photos soon…


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