Writing intrusion…

As in the day I’m to move into my new place. Folks I like to refer to as “Godsend helpers”!will be stopping in to assist me in finishing the packing & moving the big pieces that requires a shot of testosterone & for which I could never compensate (thank God!) just love being a woman, especially when it comes to moving!  afterwards, I’m gearing up for the family thing next weekend in Hot Springs Arkansas. .after learning about our family destination, I quickly did a bit of research on the place & promptly emailed the owner in hopes of snagging an interview for a travel piece I’m hoping to place…no word yet but, writers are known to improvise so if the piece doesn’t come from ‘subjective’  there’s always ‘objective’… 

Speaking on views. There was a discussion on my ‘day’ job concerning the Jackson’s Reality Show in the wake of MJ’s death. It’s been widely reported over the years how the brothers haven’t been faring so well. That one even worked in a supermarket for a short time. Today’s economy makes even the rich think twice before that next big project(Except Oprah). Folks think that it’s a good idea for the Jacksons because they make money for their families ( talking mini compound here) and perhaps the show might help them recover their celebrity. I sort of cradled the fence on this one. Not to get it twisted, I’m well aware of the economic crisis…living it everyday!  See the logic of  the brothers doing a show but, sorta  feel it’s a bit early to capitalize on their brother’s fame 😦 I know, seemingly, everyone whose ever known MJ is out to make monies off of it. Family somehow…as in Latoya appearing on ‘The View”…We all know when Latoya speaks (spills) “just saying” and would she have been invited to the show if MJ hadn’t passed? For clarity sake: Latoya Jackson has appeared on The View before & the Jackson brothers have been pitching a Reality Show before MJ’s demise but, the implications of these sudden invites spell out ‘greed’ to me. Any other op-ed out there?

Other people appearing on The View while Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s on maternity leave  includes Chicago’s own ousted Governor Rob Blavojevich & wife Patti.  Kate Gosselin. Kathy Griffith. Megan Mccain & Posh Spice…There’s a pattern here  folks… Finally, the celebrity DJ..AM reportedly died from drug overdose last evening. Anyhow, back to clara54’s world & works in slow progress…


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