A Writer On Her Stats!

Since I penned the review of Wendy “how yer doin” Williams Show here, I’m happy to report that Clara54’s stats have increased tremendously! I’m not saying that this sort of stuff gets folks inquiring minds to wanna know, but I am saying that variety makes for more traffic .

Although many bloggers and writers would advise to us to “brand” our blogs, I’m not totally convinced that this is the way to go. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years (first attempt was a political/op-ed effort) and  I’m certainly not a “pro” by a country mile, but I have to say that writing in my authentic voice at clara54 as I speak about evergreen issues and profile folks of interests in film, movies, books, music and politics,the great feedback to my efforts is awesome. This works for me and makes me equally glad to be a part of the blogosphere’s great community of like minded folks.

Anyhow, thank you to all who visit  and leave a comment. As for the popularity of The Wendy Williams Show review, I think it’s due in part to the ‘yer’ used in the title review. The fact is, Wendy Williams didn’t coin that term, I stole it from Eddie Murphy’s “Norbit.” Wendy actually asks “How you doin’?”  I thought Norbit’s version was funnier, don’t you agree?

This weekend has been a hectic one for me personally. I’m in the midst of packing to move into my new place at the end of this week! Are all writers pack rats or is it just me? I’ve been called a hoarder before but, this stuff spilling from my closets & out of boxes is unbelievable. I’m knowing Goodwill will be happy. Next to grocery shopping, moving has become my 2nd pet peeve of the century:(  I’ve also just finished an exhausting weekend rotation at my nursing job, went over the final edits to my essay for inclusion in the soon to be released anthology Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points and completed an assignment for the newspaper.

The sister of the late comic genius Robin Harris (baybee kids!) asked me to critique some of her granddaughter’s poetry. I said “of course”, but truly wanted to interview her about the brother who made us all laugh.:) She did consent to me viewing tapes of an interview conducted with her family and friends of Robin’s for a special about the late comedian.

I won’t push the one on one just yet, but will place it on my to-do-list. My freelance writing business has become in the words of  M.C.Hammer, “Too Legit To Quit!”  Anyhow, I’m gearing up for fun @ my family reunion on Labor Day Weekend. So, I just need to get my second wind is all! 🙂

So, how “yer doin” with your creative mind, musing at ya all the time?


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