Illinois Healthy Workplace Mission Statement…

Recently, the Independent Chicago Bulletin newspaper featured an article about workplace bullying from Mr. Jonathan Lackland, the executive Director of Illinois Association for Minorities in Government. Mr. Lackland’s piece had many folks in Illinois writing to the newspaper, in their quest for answers to the phenomena of “workplace bullying”. I, at one time was uninformed as well that such a thing existed and that there were actually people behind the scenes working for the rights of employees who were abused by their employers until I profiled the filmmaker Beverly Peterson here at clara54 about her film “There Oughta Be A Law” which led to my speaking with Carrie Clark, the state coordinator for the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) legislative Campaign. Since then, the momentum of bringing awareness to folks have heightened with genuine interest & a ” need ” to know more. For people who want more information they can simply google Illinois Association for Minorities in Government, or, visit the website of Ms. Carrie Clark at  Carrie Clark kindly provided clara54 with the Illinois Healthy Workplace Mission Statement:

CC…The Mission of the Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocates is to raise public awareness and to compel our state to correct and prevent abusive work environments through legislation. We put “public awareness” first because effective change is preceded by education. “Correct and Prevent” was borrowed from WBI language. It is the very point of the bill(HB374). We would hope that workplace bullies would then be educated about how their abusive behaviors were no longer tolerated and they were expected to knock it off. Better yet, those behaviors shouldn’t even start! We really were taught this in kindergarden…Some didn’t get it.

Some think they can get by with it under present law because they can. Some are hardwired to target others. All sorts of bullies have gotten by with it becauseno one would or felt they could speak against the immorality of this abuse. Some have called this the “sue your boss-bill.” I have yet to meet anyone who really wanted to sue his boss for superfluous reasons. Unfortunately, litigation drives policy. Without the punishment held as a threat to the perpetrator(s), they won’t pay one bit of attention. Were it not for fines, many wouldn’t stop at stop signs. Of course, no law will ever stop all the Bullying behavior, but it’s a big start toward recognition. We are of the same age. Remember when animal, spousal, and child abuse were not spoken of because few laws existed. And as a young student teacher in Decatur…I was chased around the desk at night by my cooperating teacher who was 30 years my senior. I’d go home crying. Don’t think I didn’t cheer for Anita Hill. Talk about courage…Clarence Thomas still ended up on the court, But we all learned because Hill dared to speak…


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